Volunteer Program

The Amazon Shepherd Volunteer Program will be modified based on each volunteer’s interests and skill-set.

Program Cost

Amazon Shepherd requests that volunteers stay for a minimum of one week. This will allow for a more meaningful experience for both the volunteer and the program.

Volunteers will be provided room & board during their stay.

The cost per volunteer for the one week volunteer program is $90. This fee will cover the cost of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as accommodation at Green House, a hostel in Lago Agrio, Ecuador. It will also include local transportation to daily activities in the community, such as Ecuadorean cooking, visits to local indigenous communities, local hikes, and visits to local parks and tourist attractions. Some activities may require an addition entry fee, but could be organized if volunteers are interested.

Volunteers would be expected to participate in approximately 8 hours of volunteer programming per day from Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, they will have opportunity to participate in local cultural and/or touristic activities of their choice.

Amazon Shepherd would negotiate a reduced program fee for volunteers interested in staying for a longer period of time (ie one month or longer).

Sample Volunteer Itinerary

8am- Ecuadorean Breakfast (provided)

9am-5pm. Volunteer activities.

Teaching English to children and/or adults in Lago Agrio or at Kichwa indigenous community; animal rescue projects, environmental education programming, environmental research and conservation projects; assistance with housework, maintenance, and cooking at Green House.

Lunch and snacks will be provided during volunteer hours. When program is off-site, a boxed lunch will be arranged.

5-9pm : Local culture/ or tourism & Dinner.

Options for local activities will be arranged through Green House based on the volunteer’s interest so that you can learn more about Ecuadorean and Amazonian culture. Some possible activities include: Ecuadorean cooking classes, salsa dancing, Spanish lessons, visits to local parks & recreation centres.


Volunteers will be given the weekends off to participate in excursions to nearby communities and/ or touristic sites. Examples might include visits to Parque Ecológico Recreativo Lago Agrio (PERLA), Casa de Cultura, hiking in Reserva Ecológico Cayambe Coca, visits to Cascada San Rafael, or activities on the Napo River.

Amazon Jungle Tours

Volunteers may wish to participate in a 4 or 5 day Amazon Jungle Tour in Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Budget jungle tours with high quality Naturalist guides at jungle lodged in Cuyabeno Reserve can be arranged through Amazon Shepherd. See information for Amazon Jungle Tours here.

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