Amazon Shepherd Go Fund Me

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Help us raise funds to fund international volunteers at Amazon Shepherd and with the legal process to make Amazon Shepherd an official non-profit. Every little bit helps!

This fundraiser is to support Neiser Toro, a Naturalist Guide in Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Ecuador, with start-up costs associated with establishing his organization, Amazon Shepherd , as an official non-profit.

The work of Amazon Shepherd promotes environmental conservation in the Amazon through education & advocacy. It recruits international volunteers and provides them with room and board as they contribute to nature conservation and, in particular, animal rescue projects in the Amazon region of Ecuador. 

Neiser is the President of the Cuyabeno Guide Association and is passionate about protecting habitat of the Amazon region for the indigenous communities, as well as the plants and animals that live in the Amazon jungle. 

Funds will be used to support legal and start-up costs of turning Amazon Shepherd from Neiser’s passion project to an official non-profit organization. Funds will also be used to support volunteer projects such as animal rescue and environmental education in and around Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

Link to Go Fund Me Page


Here are some photos of nature & wildlife you might see on a tour in Cuyabeno Reserve.


Anaconda (2m)
Female Blue Crowned Trogon
Blue Crowned Trogon
Yellow-handed Tiki Monkey and Many-Banded Aracari
Many-Banded Aracari
Hoatzin (Stinky Turkey)
Pygmy Marmoset
Black-Headed Parrots
Blue and Yellow Macaws
Night Monkeys
Sunset at Laguna Grande
Peacock Fly
Lizard Iguana
Cuyabeno River
Monk Saki Monkey
Laguna Grande