Here are some photos of nature & wildlife you might see on a tour in Cuyabeno Reserve.


Anaconda (2m)
Female Blue Crowned Trogon
Blue Crowned Trogon
Yellow-handed Tiki Monkey and Many-Banded Aracari
Many-Banded Aracari
Hoatzin (Stinky Turkey)
Pygmy Marmoset
Black-Headed Parrots
Blue and Yellow Macaws
Night Monkeys
Sunset at Laguna Grande
Peacock Fly
Lizard Iguana
Cuyabeno River
Monk Saki Monkey
Laguna Grande

Published by shannon mullen

Since completing my B.Ed. at the University of Toronto in 2009, I’ve had the privilege of working as a teacher in the United Kingdom, British Columbia, the Canadian Arctic, Colombia, and currently, in Toronto. During this time, I’ve also travelled to more than 30 countries. Even though it’s been a little chaotic (and humbling at times) to have moved around the world so much, I’ve learned some valuable lessons–about people, life, and most of all, myself–from each adventure.

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